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Wireless Slow Juicer Separator The New Multi-function Portable Juicer Household

Wireless Slow Juicer Separator The New Multi-function Portable Juicer Household

SKU: CJJT1399608-1

1. [Stir anytime, anywhere]: Easy to carry, you can make and drink fresh and nutritious juices, shakes, or smoothies anytime, anywhere, such as at the home, office, gym, travel, or any other outdoor activities.
2. [Free hands]: Compared with the traditional manual orange squeezer, the new citrus juicer no longer needs to be pressed by hand. Control the start with just one button, freeing your hands and requiring less effort.
3. [High Efficiency]: Just cut the orange in half and fix half of the orange on the juicer. Automatic juice extraction at the push of a button. After a short wait, you will get a glass of fresh juice.
4. [Easy to clean]: Rinse with clean water directly after use. For the more difficult pulp fibers, you can simply use our specially equipped brushes.
5. [Large capacity]: It can produce 400ml of juice, and friends can refill it unlimitedly.

Product Information:

Function: Fully automatic
Speed: 18000 rpm
Type of cutter head: Double cutter head
Liner material: PC food-grade plastic
Additional features: Rechargeable and portable
Power: 200W and below
Capacity: 400mL and below
Voltage: ≤36V
Color: Green
One-time maximum oil output: 400mL and below
Maximum juice output at one time: 400mL and below
Pulp dregs box capacity: Below 500ml (including 500ml)
Feeding port shape: Single port
Juicer maximum speed: 18000 rpm
Body material: Plastic
Smart Type: Smart not supported
Whether it is food-grade material: Yes
Shell process: Laser engraving
Whether built-in battery: Built-in battery
Style classification: Juicer cooking/food supplement machine

Size Information:

Packing List :

Juicer*1, usb*1, manual*1

Product Picture:

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